Progress Update - April 2022

To the Lunar Community, 

The past month has been incredibly productive, and we could not be more excited to share the progress we’ve made.

Let’s jump into it.

General Updates


  • Lunar Crystals campaign has officially started
  • Ranked Top 3 DeFi project on Binance Smart Chain (on BSCScan after removing fake projects from the list)
  • First top 10 exchange listing: DigiFinex 
  • LNR approved for another top exchange listing. Co-marketing campaign beginning in late April
  • First alpha build deployed
  • 42,000+ token holders
  • 85,000+ Twitter followers
  • 56,000+ Facebook followers

Exchange Listings

Earlier this month, LNR was listed on DigiFinex, a Top 10 exchange by trading volume and liquidity. The trading pairs LNR/USDT, LNR/BTC, and LNR/ETH went live on March 16. 

During our time in Dubai, we were able to connect with a multitude of decision makers at top centralized exchanges. 

Stemming from one of these connections, we have received confirmation that Lunar will be listed on a highly-selective exchange with over $5B in daily volume. Along with this, we will be working closely with their team on co-marketing opportunities and a launchpool campaign to increase visibility around LNR and the listing. Their team is targeting late April for the launch of our co-marketing campaign. 

In addition, we connected with members of the OKX team. In the days following, they contacted us with an offer for a liquidity partnership. This partnership would allow us to connect Plexus to their liquidity pools and offer trading of their token pairs through the Lunar Platform. 

This potential partnership is still in the early stages and is not yet confirmed. With that being said, if we turn out to be compatible, this would allow us to offer certain trading pairs much earlier than we initially anticipated. 

Just to be clear, this is not a listing offer. Their listing teams and liquidity teams are separate; however, they did let us know that a liquidity partnership between Lunar and OKX could increase the odds of being listed by a substantial amount. 

We will continue to work with the OKX team to explore the potential of a liquidity partnership and exchange listing. 

Lunar Crystal NFTs

The Lunar Genesis Crystals page went live on April 2nd and the response has been overwhelming. One individual noted that “They look so good, they make me want to slap my momma.”, which is one of the best compliments any NFT collection could receive. 

If you haven’t already seen them for yourself, go check them out and let us know what you think!

Like everything we do at Lunar, we took the time to make sure these NFTs were among the best in the market, and we believe they will live up to that expectation. 

We are thrilled that the community finally gets to see a portion of something we’ve worked hard on, and we could not be more excited for the Phase 1 Genesis Launch on April 20th. 

Similar to our token presale, we’re expecting a massive amount of demand for this release. There are only 4,000 NFTs up for grabs in Phase 1, we already have a community of over 42,000 token holders, and we have begun ramping into a heavy marketing campaign for the launch.

In addition, we are working with Binance to list a portion of the collection on their NFT marketplace, as well as engage in a number of different co-marketing opportunities with them.

If you want the best odds of being able to get your hands on some Lunar Crystals, enter the whitelist for a chance to win access to our private NFT presale, and make sure you’ve signed up for email and SMS reminders

For those of you who only care about the token and platform, and are wondering “How do these NFTs benefit me?”, know that there is a much larger strategy behind these NFTs that ties directly into our ability to grow the token and platform. All will be revealed in due time.

Click here to visit the Lunar Crystals site

Lunar Genesis Crystals Phase 1 Launch Schedule

April 27th at 12:00 PM EST: NFT Whitelist Presale Mint on the Lunar NFT Minting Portal

April 28th: 12:00 PM EST: Public Mint on the Lunar NFT Minting Portal and Binance NFT

May 4th 4:44 PM EST: Lunar Crystal NFT Reveal

CTO’s Corner 

Greetings everyone! We’re coming to you this week from our temporary HQ in Florida, where the Leadership + Dev teams have been crushing it. It’s been fun to get almost all the devs in one place and watch the magic happen.

Creating a Culture of Success

With any team, the key to long term success is to create a culture of consistently winning. That means setting achievable goals at every stage of the process, and then crushing them every time, consistently. It’s not an easy thing to do, and takes time.

Fortunately for Lunar, the majority of our dev team has already been working together for 6+ years. We have our winning rhythm down, and the challenge with Lunar is to a) get new team members acclimated to that rhythm, and b) get our .NET developers acclimated to blockchain work, and vice-versa.

On top of that, so much of what we are building is brand-new technology, or existing technology applied in a new way. It means that our focus is to constantly make sure our mouths aren’t writing checks that our butts can’t cash… meaning we have to be able to deliver on our promises. It’s why I’m always adamant with the team that we don’t talk about things publicly until we are ready.

The Burden of Proof

Our strategy for that has been to start with little things we know we can prove, then build up from there. It basically started out like:

  • Can we write a brand new contract? (Yes)
  • Can we check that contract into source control? (Yes)
  • Can we automatically build that contract on a build server? (Yes)
  • Can we automatically deploy that contract to a test chain? (Yes)
  • Can we update that contract with new features? (Yes)
  • Can we spin up a local blockchain and call a contract from .NET? (Yes)
  • Can we execute a contract function on a public test chain from .NET? (Yes)
  • Can we drop a transaction on the Plexus queue and have it forwarded to a test chain? (Yes)

Hopefully you can see, each subsequent task builds on the last in a way that lets us win quickly without too much risk.

An example of the questions we need to answer this week:

  • Can we use WalletConnect in Blazor?
  • Can we sign a meta-transaction with WalletConnect and forward it to Plexus?

These are the last major questions we need to answer in order to give our “go flight” approval for the NFT launch. Because of this, our April 19-20 launch date confidence will stay at 95% for the next few days.

NFTs as the Cornerstone

Speaking of the NFTs, these crystals are the cornerstone of our shipping process. Why? Because the NFT contracts are new, they are a low-risk proving ground for our technology that lets us build up that Culture of Success we talked about earlier. A clear win here gives us (and you) a lot of confidence to head into the BEP-20 contract migration you all have been waiting for with a platform that has already been tested under heavy load.

That strategy also allows us to repeat this process across the crypto ecosystem, letting the NFTs clear the path for our entry into every blockchain we want Plexus to support.

Again, this is why we constantly reinforce some flexibility in our schedule, because the right approach always comes into focus. With that, it’s time to bring our schedule for the year into more focus for the rest of our amazing Lunar community.

Looking Ahead

Shipping the NFTs means that our first code will be moving to production. That’s a major milestone for this team, and it will happen much sooner than originally planned, so now we can start thinking a bit longer term. In our planning session this week, we identified the features and technologies we’ll be working on the rest of the year. The next three quarters are very exciting, and we’re looking forward to shipping much more frequently.

This comes with the usual caveat that we are an agile development shop, which means that the schedule is still early and subject to change, and we’ll announce specific dates as our confidence level in those dates reaches 90%.

2nd Quarter 2022

April is focused on the Lunar Genesis Crystals launch on BSC, and the minting site. I’m personally floored by the attention to detail on every pixel of these AMAZING 4k renders, and the dev team is working very hard to make the experience of buying them as beautiful as the Crystals themselves.

NFT Smart Contracts

Lunar Account Sign Up

  • Account creation
  • User authentication
  • Profile creation wizard
  • LunarTag creation

NFT Minting Site

  • Connect your wallet
  • Check your BSC balance
  • Interact with our first upgradeable smart contract via .NET

You’ve probably noticed what is NOT shipping in April is the “Private Beta” we’ve talked about. As we’ve stated over the last few weeks, the NFT launch required us to create a far better plan that allows us to ship MORE core functionality earlier than originally expected.

There is a method to our madness, and the minting site features above leave some clues as to how we’re thinking about this. We will have MUCH more to share in the weeks ahead as those sweet, sweet production bits hit the minting site later this month.

May will be laser-focused on working out the LNR BEP-20 contract migration. We’ve talked about this a lot already, but at that point we’ll finalize all the details, including consolidation ratios and lockup periods, and run our migration tests. That will continue as long as it needs to until it consistently works the way we need it to.

Lunar BEP-20 Contract Migration

  • Finalize new tokenomics and supply metrics
  • Complete contract security audits
  • Deploy new BEP-20 upgradeable contract
  • Migrate Lunar liquidity
  • Airdrop replacement tokens
  • Lock old contract

Moving into the last month of Q2, I’m very excited to announce that June is Multi-Chain Month for Lunar. I’m happy to mention this for the first time publicly: we’ve actually been engineering all of our new Smart Contracts to be multi-chain compatible out-of-the-box. Our build & deployment process automatically configures the contract for the specific chain, and we’ll be testing that process with the official launch of Lunar on Ethereum.

Lunar Ethereum Launch

  • ERC-20 LNR token
  • Ethereum Genesis Crystals - Phase 1
  • FluidNFT and FluidCoin Bridges for Plexus
  • Lunar Trading Platform Beta

I want to stop and call this out for a second: by June we’ll have cross-chain tokens AND NFTs. Also in June, we expect to let those NFT holders jump in and play with the first public beta of the Lunar Trading Platform. I’ll be covering more of that in the next CTO’s Corner.

3rd Quarter 2022

Our main focus for Q3 is going to be developing the Lunar OmniWallet, our advanced portfolio management tools, and expanding the blockchains that work with Plexus.

  • Lunar OmniWallet
  • Portfolio Tracking and Management Tools
  • Cross-Chain Token to Token Trades
  • New Lunar Genesis Crystal NFT launches on Top 10 blockchains
  • Continuous delivery of new Beta features every 2-3 weeks
  • Lunar Platform v1 public release

4th Quarter 2022

Finally, we’ll be rounding out 2022 by building out our advanced transaction features, such as our FluidRouting system, our cross-chain liquidity pools, and the Plexus DEX. We’ll also be working out our subscription management features to support our paid Lunar Platform tiers that will launch in early 2023.

Wrapping It Up

The next 3 months are going to be very exciting, and set us up for a strong development roadmap for the back-half of 2022. Now that you’ve finally seen the NFTs that I’ve been RAVING about, I can’t wait to get your feedback from our NFT buying experience. It’s gonna be a real treat.

Congrats once again to the team on all your accomplishments, and let’s keep up the amazing work! We’ll see you again after the NFT launch :).


As we approach the Genesis Crystal collection launch we have a number of exciting marketing efforts kicking off, spanning across some of the most prominent NFT and crypto platforms. With help from Binance, numerous NFT discovery platforms, Luna PR, key opinion leaders, and much more, this month is shaping up to be our biggest yet. 

As discussed previously, we are very excited to collaborate with Binance on our Lunar Crystals NFT launch. Over the next two weeks, we will be working closely with their team to turn this collection into their most hotly-anticipated BNB Chain NFT launches. We have several marketing campaigns in the works to reach and captivate millions of NFT investors, and you’ll see more about this very soon.

Beginning on April 6th, Spaceman and Mr. Moonshot will be attending Bitcoin 2022 in Miami, Florida. This is one of the largest crypto conventions to date, and we expect to continue our track record of building partnerships with key players in the space. We’ll be heavily promoting the Genesis Crystals launch while we’re there. If you’re attending too, be on the lookout for the team, and please help spread the word! As usual, we’ll have plenty to share in our post-trip report.

Upcoming Campaigns

  • Genesis Crystal Drops every few days
  • NFT Expoverse Flyaway Contest
  • Satoshi Stacker videos, 10 segments posted across all of his channels
  • Editorial releases: “The Problems with DeFi and How Lunar Solves Them”, and “The Planetary Society Establishes First Ever Crypto Partnership with Lunar”
  • Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram ads starting this week
  • Promotions on NFTCalendar,,, Cryptoslam, CoinMarketCap Upcoming NFTs, Binance, and more
  • Slamads Marketing Campaign
  • Influencer / Celebrity Campaigns
  • Co-marketing with our next large exchange listing

NFT Expoverse - Flyaway Contest

We’re set for launch in just a few days with our biggest giveaway yet! With over $10,000 in prizes available, you do not want to miss out on this one. Here’s a summary of the rewards up for grabs:

First Prize:

(2) Plane tickets & hotel accommodations

(2) Lunar Crystal NFTs

(2) VIP All Access 3 Day Pass - worth $6,000

Access to our invite-only after-party

Premium food & beverages with $150 voucher per day

Dedicated meeting room & lounge for VIPs 

VIP Badges

Second Prize:

(2) Industry 3 Day Passes

(2) Lunar Crystal NFTs

Access to invite-only after-party

Third Prize:

(2) General Admission 3 Day Passes

(2) Lunar Crystal NFTs

NFT Expoverse Experience

Join us at our first ever experience marketing event. As one of the lead sponsors, we’ll feature a custom designed, 20 x 20 NFT gallery and networking space. The Lunar Genesis Crystals will be on display as well as some never before seen artwork. Come meet the team face to face!July 29th - 31st in Los Angeles, California.

Social Media Growth

  • Twitter: 85,000 followers
  • Instagram: 7,000 followers
  • Facebook: 56,600 followers
  • Telegram: 27,000 members
  • Discord: 6,800 members
  • CoinMarketCap: 15,700,000+ watchlists

Community Growth & Engagement

Cosmo and the mod team have been working on some serious upgrades to our community channels, and the results of their efforts are already beginning to show.

Here’s what’s been added over the past several weeks:

  • A ticketing system in Discord to better and more accurately assist our community/holders.
  • New daily-games channel in Discord where you can win $WDSC (Wrapped Discord Coin) which will be able to be redeemed for a variety of rewards. We also host 100% bonus hours twice a day, it's your chance to win big and lose big! 
  • Added The Space Bar, our community hangout spot to talk all things gaming, music, books, vehicles, photography, etc.
  • Added the #lunar-stage, where we will be hosting impromptu community gatherings in addition to our weekly AMAs
  • We've updated our bots to be on-brand with the Lunar ecosystem
  • Updated all channels to provide you with the most up-to-date information
  • We've introduced new moderators to the team
  • 150 custom emojis were added to better express yourself

If you haven’t already joined our Discord, join here!

Some key stats on Telegram:

  • The amount of members posting went up 20%
  • 1.3 million messages posted in total

Some key stats on Discord:

  • 46,000 messages posted in total
  • Total members surpassed 6.5k

In Conclusion...

As always, there is still much, much more we have yet to share.

Thank you all again for your continued support. Stay tuned and strap in as we prepare for one of our biggest months yet.

To infinity & beyond,

The Lunar Team

About the Author

Co-Founder & CEO

Spaceman is a serial founder, product designer, and user experience expert who has built multi-million dollar businesses across multiple industries including FinTech.