WalletConnect informed us that their systems saw the high load on presale day and immediately flagged it as an attack, which blocked our access. We are switching to a direct MetaMask integration and will continue the Presale until we have it fully set up. Click here for manual Presale instructions.

Lunar Genesis Crystals Phase 1 Launch Guide

This guide contains all of the information you need to know about minting, viewing, trading, and staking Lunar Crystals.

1. Launch Schedule


May 5th @ 12PM EDT

WalletConnect informed us that their systems saw the high load on presale day and immediately flagged it as an attack, which blocked our access. We are currently switching to a direct MetaMask integration to avoid these issues all together.

To allow Whitelist recipients the ability to manually lock in their Presale allocation before the MetaMask integration is live, we've created a manual Presale purchase process here.

The Presale will run through the weekend until we get the MetaMask integration fully functional

Public Sale

Next Week

WalletConnect will be incapable of handling the request load of our Public Sale without automatically flagging it as an attack. We will announce a new Public Sale date once we are confident the new direct MetaMask integration is working smoothly.

Expect dates to be announced early next week.

Binance NFT Sale


1000 NFTs will be listed for sale on the BinanceNFT marketplace shortly after the Public Sale on our Minting App. In order to participate, you must have a non-USA Binance account.

Crystal Reveal

May 12th @ 4PM EDT

All Crystals will initially come hidden in their meteorite form. On Reveal Day, all NFTs will shed their meteorite shell and reveal the Crystal inside.

2. Launch Checklist

1. My wallet is ready and compatible

Make sure you have a desktop MetaMask wallet set up on Binance Smart Chain.

Click here to learn how to enable Binance Smart Chain in MetaMask.

2. My wallet has enough BEP-20 BNB

The price to mint Lunar Crystals is 1 BNB each + Gas. Make sure you have enough BNB in your wallet to mint your desired amount of NFTs.

You can purchase BEP-20 BNB on many major crypto exchanges including Binance, Crypto.com, FTX, Kucoin, and others.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are only using BEP-20 BNB (the Binance Smart Chain version).

Gas fees on Binance Smart Chain are low compared to other chains. $5 worth of BNB per crystal should be more than enough for gas.

3. I have a desktop device

The Minting App is initially only available on desktop.

Make sure you have a desktop computer ready for the Minting App with the MetaMask browser extension set up.

4. I have a compatible email/social account set up for log in.

In order to help ensure security on the Lunar Platform, we currently only offer signing up for a Lunar Account using a Google, Microsoft, Discord, or Twitter account.

Make sure you have one of these accounts set up and ready before you go to mint.

5. I'm tuned in to the Launch

Once the Presale goes live on 5/5 at 12PM Eastern Time, we will post the link to our NFT Minting App.

Make sure you've joined our community channels and are following us on social media to be informed on the Launch and to receive the link to our Minting App.

Discord (Main channel for NFTs)

We also recommend subscribing to receive email updates.

For the best experience...

If you're using any of the following operating systems, enable the following settings to allow videos and animations to autoplay. This is only to enhance your experience and is not required at all.

Settings > Accessibility > Visual Effects > Animation Effects (Toggle this on)

If you're using Edge, add "[*.]lunar.io" to your list of safe websites here: edge://settings/content/mediaAutoplay

iPhone iOS:
Make sure Low Power Mode is turned off.

3. The Minting Process

1. Head to our Minting App

At the start of the Presale, the link to our Minting App will be made available to everyone across our social channels and website. Once posted, head to our Minting App on your desktop to begin the process.

IMPORTANT: The Minting App is currently only available on desktop. Mobile support is coming soon.

2. Create your Lunar Account

Once you've arrived at our Minting App, you will be prompted to create your very own Lunar Account by signing in with one of the following accounts: Google, Microsoft, Discord, or Twitter.

Once you've created your Lunar Account, you'll be redirected to the minting page.

3. Connect your wallet

Click the "Connect Wallet" button to begin connecting your MetaMask Wallet.

Your MetaMask app should pop open with a connection request. Click confirm to connect your wallet.

4. Select desired quantity and click Mint.

Once your wallet is connected, use the quantity picker to select the number of NFTs you would like to mint.

Once you've selected your desired quantity, click Mint to confirm your purchase.

You've successfully minted a Lunar Crystal.

Congratulations! You are now an owner of the dopest digital collectibles in the multiverse.

You can view your NFT in your wallet app or on secondary marketplaces before they're available to view in the Lunar Platform. Read below for details on viewing your NFTs.

4. Troubleshooting

If you run into any issues during the minting process, try the following:
1. Refresh the page
2. Disconnect your wallet
2. Quit and re-open your wallet app

Make sure you've carefully followed the Launch Checklist and Mint Process guide above to avoid any issues.

If your deposit submits and you do not receive an NFT right away, do not worry! Our system is set up to reserve your NFTs and set them aside. We will be monitoring transactions on the backend and manually pushing the NFT deposits through if any issues arise during your transaction.

If you're still running into issues, create a ticket in our Discord and one of our team members will help.

4. Viewing your Crystals

The Artwork

Every Lunar Crystal NFT comes with two versions of the artwork: 

1. Animated multi-media video (MP4)
2. Still image (PNG)

The default media type is the MP4 video, but the media type that displays depends on the capabilities of the platform you're viewing your crystals on.

The Properties

Each Crystal contains the following property fields:

Type - Lunite, Zorene, etc.
Rarity - The rarity of the Crystal
Staking Points - Learn more in Staking section
Energy Level - Learn more in Staking section
Special Property - Learn more in Staking section

How to view your Crystals

You can view your NFTs in your wallet app or on secondary marketplaces before they are available to view in the Lunar Platform.

Some wallet apps and NFT marketplaces do not yet support video files, and will instead display the static image.

Once staking and the NFT viewer feature is released, you will be able to view your Crystals in both the static and video versions within the Lunar Platform.

5. Unlocking Mythic Crystals

What are Mythic-level Crystals?

Mythic crystals are the rarest, most sought-after Crystals in the entire Genesis collection. They are 1 of 1 Crystals, meaning there is only one of each in existence.

Each Mythic Crystals has its own unique 3D animated artwork, and can only be held by one person at a time.

How do I get a Mythic Crystal?

Initially, there are 8 Mythic Crystals available to unlock. You can unlock a Mythic by being the first person to collect a certain assortment of non-mythic Crystals.

Here's how to unlock each of the initial 8 Mythic Crystals:

Mythic #1 - Collect 12 Lunite
Mythic #2 - Collect 10 Zorene
Mythic #3 - Collect 8 Aurium
Mythic #4 - Collect 8 Solite
Mythic #5 - Collect 8 Xenite
Mythic #6 - Collect 8 Kronocite
Mythic #7 - Collect 6 Lucidium
Mythic #8 - Collect all 8 base Crystals

Remember, each Mythic Crystal goes to the FIRST person to collect the particular assortment for that Mythic. After a Mythic Crystal has been claimed, it is no longer claimable by others.

If you unlock a Mythic Crystal, you still get to keep your original Crystals as well.

There will be more opportunities to unlock additional Mythic Crystals in the future once the initial 8 have been claimed.

6. Secondary Market Trading

Secondary NFT Marketplaces

Upon launch, Lunar Crystals will be available to buy, sell, and auction on the following NFT marketplaces:

- Treasureland
- BinanceNFT

Soon after Launch, Lunar Crystals will be available on the following marketplaces:

- AirNFTs
- TofuNFT (Not 100% confirmed yet)

When our Phase 2 Crystals and FluidNFT technology is released, you will be able to move your NFTs to the Ethereum chain and trade on most major marketplaces there as well. This same concept applies to every chain we support in the future.

We only recommend using marketplaces that we list on our website.

There is an 8% royalty on secondary market trades that is incurred on the seller's end. 50% of that royalty is added to the NFT staking rewards pool. The other 50% is sent to our operations wallet to continue to fund growth and development of Lunar Crystals and the Lunar Ecosystem.

7. Staking

Staking your Lunar Crystals

Once our NFT staking feature is released, your Lunar Crystals will be able to be staked in the Lunar Platform to earn LNR token rewards.

We anticipate the Staking feature will be available sometime in June, but this date is not guaranteed and is subject to change.

Staking Rewards Pool

The Staking Rewards Pool will initially contain approximately 0.75% of the total LNR token supply, and this portion of the pool will be distributed over a 6 month period after Staking is enabled.

In addition, 50% or more of the collected royalties on secondary market sales will be added to the Rewards Pool to claim through Staking your Lunar Crystals.

How Staking Rewards are calculated

Each Crystal Type has a Base Rewards Points value ranging from 100-800. This value is the same for each Crystal Type. For example, all Lunite Crystals have 100 Base Rewards Points, and all Zorene Crystals have 200 Base Rewards Points.

Every Crystal has a random Energy Level ranging from 1-99, regardless of the Crystal Type. This Energy Level acts as a 1x to 5x multiplier on the Base Rewards Points of the crystal.

Approximately 10% of Phase 1 Crystals have a Special Property called "Shimmer" which acts as an additional 2x multiplier on the Rewards Points of that Crystal.

Once a Crystal is staked, each Crystal will earn a share of the Rewards Pool proportional to its Points out of the total Points of all crystals being staked in the pool.