WalletConnect informed us that their systems saw the high load on presale day and immediately flagged it as an attack, which blocked our access. We are switching to a direct MetaMask integration and will continue the Manual Presale until we have it fully set up.

Manual Presale

While we work on replacing WalletConnect with a direct MetaMask integration, we want to give whitelist members a way to lock in their presale allocation and purchase their NFTs without having to struggle with WalletConnect.

Manual Presale Process

From your whitelisted wallet, send the amount of BEP-20 BNB that corresponds to the amount you want to mint in the Presale to the address below.

1 BNB = 1 Lunar Crystal NFTs
2 BNB = 2 Lunar Crystal NFTs
3 BNB = 3 Lunar Crystal NFTs

Make sure that gas is accounted for in the transaction amount as well.

Before you send, make sure you are on the correct domain: lunar.io. Be careful to avoid scammers impersonating Lunar.

We will check to make sure your wallet is whitelisted and will refund those who are not.

Send corresponding amount here:


Once the transaction successful, you're all set! We will manually issue the corresponding amount of Lunar Crystal NFTs to your wallet before the Public Sale.

If you decide at any moment before we issue your NFTs that you would like a refund, no problem at all! Create a ticket in our Discord and we'll refund you the full amount minus gas.

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to reach out in Telegram or Discord and one of our Team members or moderators will help.