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Decentralized shouldn't mean convoluted. Take control of your crypto with the only digital asset platform centralized around you.

The Lunar Ecosystem

These three components serve as the foundation for the ever-expanding Lunar ecosystem.

Lunar Platform

The Lunar Platform will streamline the entire process of crypto and NFT trading into a single, interconnected platform that lets you trade almost any digital asset across different blockchains in a single click.


LNR Token

LNR is a utility token on BNB Chain that serves as the connective tissue for the entire Lunar Ecosystem. It is at the core of our Plexus technology and is what allows us to support seamless cross-chain trading.


Lunar Crystal NFTs

Lunar Crystals are 3D animated NFTs that unlock special powers for users when plugged into the Lunar ecosystem. They can be staked to earn LNR token rewards that vary based on their powers.


Crypto the way it should be.

Lunar aims to deliver the best crypto experience imaginable, by putting you at the forefront.

Seamless User Experience

Lunar is carefully crafted around the user. Our primary focus is to make your crypto experience as seamless and intuitive as possible.

Everything In One Place

No need to juggle between numerous separate platforms. Hold, trade, research, and discover crypto from a single interface.

Fully Interconnected

Every component within Lunar is seamlessly integrated. This allows us to deliver features that you just can’t get with separate systems.

Blockchain Without Barriers

Don't be trapped in one ecosystem. Our Plexus™ technology lets you trade digital assets across blockchains in a single click.

Security First

User experience is our focus, but security is our #1 priority. We've designed Lunar from the ground up to be as secure as possible.

Testing & Audits

Lunar ranks in the top 1% on Certik's Security Leaderboard, and will be heavily tested before and after release.

LNR Token

LNR is a Binance Smart Chain token that powers the Lunar ecosystem and provides native reflections for holders.

Strong tokenomics & actual utility
2% to holders in LNR reflections
Certik Audited (Scored Top 1%)

Lunar Platform

All the functionality you need in a single platform that lets you trade almost any digital asset across blockchains in a single click.

All of your wallets in one secure place
Seamless cross-chain trading
Automatic portfolio tracking
Everything you need in a single platform

Lunar Crystals

Multi-chain NFTs that unlock special powers for holders when plugged into the Lunar ecosystem.

4K animated crystals from deep space
Unlock special perks, discounts, and more
Your Lunar Beta access pass
Earn LNR staking rewards

Join us on our journey to the moon and beyond.

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