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Your keys to the
Lunar Ecosystem

Unlock the power of Lunar with your choice of crypto collectibles.

Community Governed

Each Lunar token comes with voting rights in Lunar DAO governance. You and 40,000 other holders will help shape the future of the ecosystem.


Our smart contracts have to survive 100's of tests & multiple deployments before release, giving you the confidence your assets are SAFU.

Rigorously Audited

Lunar's contracts are audited by the best in the business. In fact, we're their ONLY contract to ever get a perfect 100 score.

LNR Token

LNR is a BNB Chain token that serves as the native currency of the Lunar ecosystem and community.

Strong current & planned utility
1 LNR = 1 Governance vote
6% buy & sell fees to fund the ecosystem
Access to Lunar "Preview" product releases

Lunar Crystals

Multi-chain NFTs that unlock special powers for holders when plugged into the Lunar ecosystem.

4K animated crystals from deep space
1 NFT = massive Governance voting power
Unlock special perks, discounts, and more
Access to more frequent Lunar "Beta" releases