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Making crypto easier for everyday humans.

Lunar's products & services are designed to bring the next billion humans into crypto,
through simple, magical experiences.


Like virtually all of the world's high-frequency trading platforms, the Lunar Ecosystem is built on top of the solid foundation of Azure & .NET.

Web2 & Web3, Combined

It's not an either/or proposition. Lunar combines the best of both worlds to power new business models to help you survive any market condition.

Centralized On You

Whether you're a creator or a consumer, our products are designed to spark joy in your everyday Web3 experiences.

Lunar Accounts

Hybrid Web2 + Web3 Identities

Single Sign-On with Web2 accounts
Single Sign-On with Web3 wallets
ERC-20 & ERC-721 token gating
Region restriction enforcement

Lunar Dex

AI-Driven Decentralized Exchange

Intelligent, real-time best-price routing
User-preferred routing priority
Cross-chain price monitoring (Planned for v2)
Low-gas expedited transactions (Planned for v2)

Lunar Mint for Creators

NFT Sale Management for Creators

Out-of-the-box upgradeable smart contracts
Intuitive collection management
Create multiple private & public sales
Flexible royalty system

Lunar Mint for Collectors

Bespoke NFT Minting Experiences

V2 IN 2023
Simple, intuitive NFT minting
Customizable branding & subdomains
Real-time mint status updates
Pre- & post-mint user guides

Lunar Escrow

OTC Transactions for Projects & Holders

Coming In 2023
Trustless wallet-to-wallet crypto trades
Per-transaction timelocks
Email & mobile reminders for all parties
Auto-refunds for incomplete transactions

Lunar OmniWallet

Multi-Chain Cross-Wallet Asset Management

PREVIEW in 2023
Native and imported wallets
Intelligent "NeverLost" private keys
Built-in crypto on-ramp
Browser extension + mobile apps

Lunar Portfolio

Your Bloomberg Terminal for Crypto

Lunar OmniWallet integration
CEX & DEX transaction analysis
Multi-chain multi-wallet transactions
Digital collectibles management