Announcing Lunar Dex

The Lunar Foundation is excited to announce that our recently acquired and newly enhanced seven-chain decentralized exchange is now live at!

Platform Features

  • Same-chain swaps on Avalanche, BNB Chain, Cronos, DogeChain, Ethereum, Fantom, and Polygon!
  • 18 different crypto on-ramp providers that let you purchase your favorite tokens directly with fiat (LNR support coming soon)
  • 14 different fiat payment options, including bank transfers and CashApp
  • Support for multiple chain-specific liquidity providers
  • Use any of over 100 different wallets through updated WalletConnect 2.0 connections, including Ledger Live!
  • Updated support for claiming ANJI staking & transaction rewards

Upgrading the Codebase

Over the past several weeks, we have been working to modernize the platform across the board. That required dusting off our TypeScript skills and learning the best ways to deploy Angular apps.

Since the last time AnjiSwap was deployed, over a dozen of the JavaScript packages it depended on had been deprecated, and a security audit found at least 30 NPM dependencies with security vulnerabilities.

Updating those packages broke code in some instances, so we had to go in, figure out what broke, and either fix it or temporarily remove the feature that needed the thing that broke.

That process is hard enough with code you've written, but much more difficult when you’ve inherited someone else’s code… and even harder on an application framework you don’t usually work with!

Still, our development team is amazing, and kudos to them for getting it done so quickly.

Rebranding the Rebrand

Previously, we had announced that the name of the product would be Lunar Plexus.

Since Lunar started using that brand nearly two years ago, another crypto product has come out using the Plexus name and has been fortunate enough to get a fair amount of external backing.

As we were working on bringing this upgrade to market, we decided to see if we could find something simpler. That process was made much more difficult by the sheer number of moon-related domain names that are already taken.

The new Lunar Dex logo

Fortunately, Dex is the perfect name for this platform, and a .io name was available, so here we are!

That means we also took the opportunity to update the branding for the embeddable swap widget. It’s now called Lunar Dex Anywhere, and we’re excited about the opportunity there moving forward.

What About Everything Else?

Speaking of the widget, today’s launch is only for Lunar Dex itself. We’re not redirecting to the new app or the new version of Lunar Dex Anywhere just yet.

The reasons are simple: we don’t want to break anyone that might be using the existing swap widget when we move everything over. That means taking extra time to understand how the existing widget code is deployed, putting a solid versioning system in place for our new developer customers, putting in redirects for the scripts and images to maintain continuity, and moving the documentation to a new home.

All of that will be happening in the weeks ahead, and as always, we’ll share more details on that when we’re ready.

The Future of Lunar is Bright Indeed

This first release of Lunar Dex gives us a solid foundation to deliver even more value in the future as we prepare for the coming bull run. We’re planning more chains, more liquidity pools, more Lunar platform integrations, and more ways to use Lunar Ecosystem tokens than ever before.

So make sure you join us on Discord, Telegram, or X/Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest information about the Lunar Ecosystem.

Thanks to all our holders for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy using Lunar Dex!

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Retired USAF. Corporate IT leader. Tech veteran. Lunar OG.