Announcing Lunar Mint™️

Hot on the heels of the Lunar Portfolio Beta, the Lunar Foundation is ready to take the wraps off our next product,!

Lunar Mint™️ is the next evolution of our original product. Successfully powering almost seven-figures worth of transactions in the span of a few days, the original Lunar Crystal NFT minting platform was simply the most secure, transparent crypto transaction system ever invented.

We're now taking that system to the next level.

What is Lunar Mint™️?

Lunar Mint™️ will power bespoke minting experience for the next generation of digital collectibles creators. Instead of just sending them to OpenSea (like most creators do today) or building their own platforms (like YugaLabs did for their last mint), Lunar Mint™️ will give creators affordable control over their brand to give their customers an integrated purchasing experience they won't soon forget.

Creators will be able to leverage our near-perfect ERC-721 contracts to create their own upgradeable branded contract, manage their artwork, modify their metadata, and deploy to the BSC TestNet and MainNet in just a few clicks.

Then they can schedule multiple sales, upload multiple allow-lists, configure their brand colors and images, and run everything effortlessly on their own domain.

How Does It Work?

Lunar Mint™️ consists of two main components: Lunar Mint™️ for Creators, and Lunar Mint™️ for Collectors.

Lunar Mint™️ for Creators

This app will run on and will power all the features necessary for our customers to manage their launch. This is based on the app we have been working to finish to allow us to manage the Lunar Award NFTs contract that powers both the NFT Expoverse NFTs, as well as the Lunar Faction NFTs.

Lunar Mint™️ for Collectors

This application is an upgraded version of what Lunar Crystal NFT holders experienced last year. It will run on any domain, and will power the same simple, real-time transaction experience that is the centerpiece of the Lunar ethos.

We're excited to have the AMAZING DarkPxl back to help us evolve this brand in a unique and compelling way.

Will Lunar Ecosystem Tokens be Involved?

Of course!

  • Lunar Crystal NFT holders will be able to assign a Crystal to their account and receive discounts based on the Power Points of that Crystal.
  • LNR will be an available payment option on the platform.

How Will Lunar Mint™️ be Launched?

We will roll the platform out to a select group of creators in the coming weeks, specifically focusing under-represented creators (women and people of color) to showcase their unique talents. We will work hand-in-hand with those Creators to help them configure their launches so we can gather detailed feedback about their experience.

We will then use that to enhance the platform and start opening it up to a wider audience. As with everything else we do, customer feedback will determine our release schedule.

What's Next?

We'll have more to share about Lunar Mint in the days and weeks ahead. In the meantime, Lunar Crystal holders that also own LNR tokens can read more about Lunar Mint™️ for Creators and Lunar Mint™️ for Collectors on the Living Roadmap in the Lunar Governance Platform.

The future of Lunar has never been brighter, and the power of Lunar Crystals just keeps getting better.

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