LNR v2.1 Contract Upgrade Completed!

Today we successfully completed a flawless deployment of the LNR ERC-20 contract to the BNB Chain MainNet. This was the culmination of MONTHS of hard work from the team to overcome several obstacles that we had not previously encountered.

Perfect Audit Score

With this release, we are incredibly proud to announce that this release received our contract auditor's first PERFECT audit score. Having audited over 150 projects, our auditor has been incredibly impressed with our attention to detail with every facet of our development process. From code cleanliness to documentation to code coverage, our focus on excellence is second to none, and that fact is now public knowledge for the world of crypto.

Exciting New Features

This release delivers new features that make it easier than ever to manage LNR's place in the Lunar Ecosystem.

Exchange Management

Previous versions of the LNR contract forced us to dump centralized exchange wallets like Bitmart or MEXC into the same bucket as our internal wallets. That meant being unable to enforce different wallet size limits for exchanges or implement transfer taxes when customers exit a centralized exchange.

This latest version puts exchange wallets in a separate bucket. So we can implement different wallet size limits and taxes on those wallets without co-mingling them with internal wallets.

Development Taxes

Like many projects around that time, the original team derived the original LNR contract from the Safemoon v2 contract. That contract had 3 tax classifications: Operations, Marketing, and Liquidity. Because "Operations" was loosely defined, many projects were fluid in how they handled development budget vs other operational expenses.

Software development is a core function of the Lunar Ecosystem, and as such needs a separate, transparent budget. This latest version allows us to collect a separate tax specifically for development and makes it easy to see where the software development budget is stored on-chain.

Asset Recovery

Over the past 18 months, there have been several times where our holders have had their wallets hacked, and there has been nothing we could do to help.

This release allows us to recover LNR balance of any wallet. So as long as customers contact us in a timely manner and provide clear evidence that their wallet has been compromised, a limited subset of our team can engage asset recovery procedures and deny miscreants' ability to profit from our ecosystem.

As a matter of process, any wallets involved in transferring assets after a confirmed attack will be banned from the Lunar Ecosystem and blocked from executing transactions on all Lunar Smart Contracts.

Balance Management

Finally, we updated the contract to allow us to withdraw both chain token and contract token balances from the contract, and clarified which function is responsible for each of those tasks.

What's Next?

We're in the process of taking the other structural and process improvements and applying them to our ERC-721 contracts. We're excited to be able to continue to drive value for all of our token holders.

If you have any feature requests for your tokens, please drop in our socials and let us know!

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