LNR v2 Token Migration

Evolving the Lunar Ecosystem

In October 2022, we migrated LNR to a new contract on the BNB Chain.

Why Did We Do It?

Crypto tokens are powered by smart contracts that are deployed once and can never be updated. That works fine for most tokens, but Lunar wants to be able to evolve the ecosystem on-chain without making people switch tokens constantly.

By using "upgradeable smart contracts" in our migration, we can continually deliver new functionality and add value to LNR holders.

In fact, our most recent upgrade garnered our contract auditor's first perfect score ever, out of over 150 projects audited.

How It Worked

Every existing LNR holder was automatically airdropped the new LNR token into their wallet. We gave you 1 new LNR token for every 10,000,000 old LNR tokens you had on the day we migrated. Doing that made the token price much easier to read moving forward.

What Do I Need To Do?

You just need to tell your wallet about the new token for it to show in your balances. It's easy:

Step 1: Open your wallet app.

Step 2: Click "Add custom token" and paste in our new contract address: 0xc1A59a17F87ba6651Eb8E8F707db7672647c45bD

Step 3: Make sure the symbol is "LNR" and the decimals field says "18" (most wallet apps will discover this automatically).

Step 4: Save the token. You should now see a new LNR token with a purple icon in your wallet.

Step 5: Long-tap on the black Lunar icon and select "Hide".

🎉 You're done! 🎉

Why Does It Look Like I'm Missing Tokens?

The migration was over half a year ago now, and some people are still moving their old LNR around, which even though it isn't worth anything, still generates reflections. The balance was correct as of the day we migrated... so if you're looking at the old LNR balance in your wallet today, it's going to be different.

What's Next?

A LOT has happened since the migration. If you have 1 LNR, you can log in with your LNR wallet at https://governance.lunar.io for more details and catch up on our Lunar Updates.

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