Microsoft for Startups Partnership Extended

I’m pleased to announce that the Lunar Foundation has successfully extended its partnership with Microsoft through the Microsoft for Startups program for another year.

As part of that program, we get a fresh $20,000 in free Azure credits to keep the Lunar Ecosystem infrastructure running with no cost to Lunar DAO. If we consume more than 50% of those credits within the next 12 months, we will have the option to renew for one more year for an additional $125k in Azure credits.

Our membership in the program also comes with hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional software, services, technical advisory, and mentorship.

On behalf of the Lunar Foundation, I’d like to thank the Microsoft for Startups program for their continued support as we take the Lunar Ecosystem to the next level. 🤜🏻

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MasterJedi is a software architect with over 20 years experience building enterprise-grade apps for companies and governments. His open source work has over 1.3 BILLION downloads.