War of the Whales - April 2023 Results

The Whales Have Been Chosen!

Another War of the Whales has come and gone, and this time around the competition was tough. The battle came down to the wire, with the winner sneaking in to take 1st Place with barely 2 minutes to spare! We guess all that experience with eBay auctions paid off? 😉

Here are the Top 3 Wallets:

  • 1st Place: 0xeb787f15b651d2e015d7fc2c797e5f069fb4be53 (9% bonus + tax refund)
  • 2nd Place: 0xdba6ff7af8e25743611e9db76cdb85c539fa0299 (6% bonus + tax refund)
  • 3rd Place: 0x9a1263e3e1734c891d69e627fa04c4cea3d8c888 (3% bonus + tax refund)

The following 3 wallets also receive a transaction tax refund:

  • 0x19593488573ed863543526e5cec669087e9833b6
  • 0x153e9f37430ad65f229d8bf3bbd2dea580d316a0
  • 0x4c24b4f7b864c236ca31616da6789d7505889330

The above wallets were randomly selected from the remaining eligible wallets using namepicker.net.

Special thanks to everyone who participated and be on the lookout for more contests on our various exchanges in the days ahead.

Ad lunam!

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Author, civil servant, former CFO. Silverdust is one of Lunar Foundations five Directors and oversees communications & finance.